Christmas Graphics - Free Xmas clipart and web graphics

The galleries below each feature dozens of free Christmas graphics, Xmas web images and festive clipart images. Feel free to use these images to jazz up your personal Christmas cards, invitations, blogs, websites and social media accounts.

PLEASE NOTE: While several of these images are exclusive to our site, created by the team at Curiosity Cave, many others in the collection have been collated from various public domain sources. All are believed to be free of copyright. If you find an image within this collection that is not free for distribution, please to the fact and we will either remove the image, or credit its author.



Christmas Bells Christmas Candles
Candy Graphics Trees, Holly & Mistletoe
Reindeer Snowmen
Gifts and Stockings Ornaments & Wreaths
Religious Imagery Santa Claus
Xmas Scenes Miscellaneous



Animated GIFs Page Corners
Dividers Text Titles
Seamless Backgrounds



Vintage Illustrations


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